Tarot Card Of The Day

The Queen of Wands


After the intense emotional weekend, The Queen of Wands is here to start the week with commanding, generous and optimistic energy.  If we were able to swim through the waters of our subconscious thoughts and battle through the conflicting energy of the combative situations we found ourselves in on Saturday, we are ready to take life by the horns and receive the things that we want on our own terms.  We are advised to feel empowered and help empower others.  The energy of "every man for himself," felt by the 5 of Wands is washed away by the strength of this card.  The Queen of Wands has to reconcile opposites, which can prove powerful if done perfectly.  She is here to nurture independence and self-expression.  She advises you to be engaged, passionate, and creative.  Do not hold back!  She has the power to make your deepest wishes come true, or to destroy them if you cross her.  She never does anything halfway, so now is the time to charge forward with all your desires in life.  Now is the time to feel empowered while harming none and helping all.  This powerful feminine energy is what we all need right now, so embrace it while it's here and seize the day!

Many blessings.