Tarot Card Of The Day



Today is a day to focus on finding balance in our lives, both mentally and physically.  The holiday season always brings about a time of indulgence, so many of us might find ourselves overeating and drinking too much.  Not only can this throw us off physically, but it can derail us mentally as well.  The Delphic oracles once said the secret of life is to "Know thyself and nothing in excess."  It sounds easy, but it most definitely is not.  I always try to imagine a scale in my mind when thinking about balance in my life.  Nothing in excess means NOTHING in excess, even those things that we think may be good for us.  This balance in life is especially important between our Spirit and Ego.  We might need to think of making some adjustments in our lives to make sure we stay on track and well balanced, so as not to find ourselves like yesterday's card left "out in the cold" mentally and/or physically.

Keywords of this card include: tempering, moderation, modifying, management, compatibility, timing, accommodation, realization, trial, testing, combining, blending, refinement, purification, healing, flow.

The advice of this card is to learn by trial and error. Temperance wants to remind us that we become stronger and more refined by our hardships. Even though we may be feeling mentally and physically exhausted lately, better times are yet to come! Gifts of this card include refinement and equilibrium.  Meditation is especially important on a day like today.  Focus your thoughts on balance and centering yourself to prepare for the trials ahead.  The more focused and balanced we can be, the better prepared we are for all good things to come to us!

Blessings to you all.