Tarot Card Of The Day

The Two of Wands

Two of Wands

Today is a day when desire and willpower need to be channeled.  This could be seen in reference to a holiday when self-indulgence is encouraged, but with The Emperor being repeated yesterday, it is more likely that this card is related to the new challenges and opportunities we are being faced with lately.  As the card depicts, there are two boxes and only one key.  We are being faced with an ultimatum and/or important decision.  We might think if we "choose the wrong box," we might make the wrong choice and not have access to the key to open the other box.  It is important to take time to contemplate your choices before making any decisions.  However, we can not contemplate for long, it is now time to decide.  Luckily, seeing The Emperor repeated last week tells us we have the abilities and capabilities to make the tough choices in life.  We are intended to lead with confidence and that includes making decisions with confidence.

Keywords of this card include: creative growth, authority, control, success, bold, ambitions, negotiation, planning, preparation, partnership, vision, capable, self-assured, king, boss. 

Gifts of this card include opportunity and influence. With a window of opportunity presented to us, we will need to make sure to keep our intentions clear.  All the cards from last week and this week tell us we have the knowledge and confidence we need to harness the energy needed to put our plans in motion.  This decision might be related to The Two of Coins we saw on Tuesday, November 21st.  Are we juggling too much in our lives right now? It might be time to decide what is really important to us and let go of that which does not benefit us.  

Since this is a decision making card, I find it beneficial to pull a secondary card...


The Sun

"Here comes The Sun." If you look at the top of this card, you will notice the scales in the center, referencing us weighing our options with The Two of Wands.  Gifts of this card include: confidence, achievement, and joy.  We should have confidence in the fact that whichever choice we make, it will be the right one.  The Sun also indicates the completion of one phase of life and the beginning of another.  This coincides with The Fool we saw on November 15th.  We are at the beginning of a new phase in our lives and that can result in this being a hectic and chaotic time for us.  So, it is important to take time to bask in the sun and give thanks for the gifts we are given in order to open ourselves up to receiving more!

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Blessings to you all.