Tarot Card Of The Day

The Moon

The Moon3

We are really being asked to tune into our subconscious creative side lately.  This is the third time we have seen The Moon recently. The two subsequent cards indicate that we really need to focus on our talents and intellect.  It is a time for reflecting and using our creativity to its max potential.  

Keywords of this card include: unknown, feminine energy, corporal intelligence, instinctive energy, body consciousness, nature, art, lunar, unconscious, emotions, secret and hidden fears, deceptive, illusion, bewilderment, dread, foreboding, adaptation.  

There could also be a beneficiary coming into our lives soon.  Or, perhaps, we will soon be in that role ourselves.  Whatever the case, we will experience "sharing the wealth," in our lives soon.  The end result is The Magician, who tells us that success may be ours through the application of talent and effort.  It would be a good time in our lives to learn about a craft or skill we've always been wanting to try.  Such time invested in such endeavors could open many doors for us in the future.  Since we are so connected to our subconscious right now (especially through our vivid dreams as of late), the more we explore right now, the more we will be able to identify that which will benefit us and that which will not.  

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Blessings to you all.