Tarot Card Of The Day

The Emperor


The Emperor is back to remind us to lead with confidence.  Many of us might be finding this difficult with mercury's retrograde disrupting our lives, but it is important to remain stable during this time.  The Emperor sets things in order and is the ruler of all the elements.  We should focus on structure and order today in our lives.  It is an unstable time right now, which is all the more reason why we should be focusing on stability and control.  Of course, there is a balance to everything in life, so make sure not to be too harsh, unfair, or ruthless in your dealings with others.

Keywords of this card include: stability, foundation, king, ruler, establishment, law and order, structure, government, reason, control, rules, laws, authority figure, construction, formation, initiation, respect, change, form, domination, father principle. 

Since this card has been seen recently, I pulled two more cards to get some better insight on the situation...

The Ace of Coins indicates an opportunity is coming our way that has great potential! This opportunity has plenty to do with our need for The Emperor's energy in our lives right now.  The Judgement card indicates it is time for us to answer "the wake-up call," and to liberate ourselves.  This indicates that the opportunity that is heading our way is aligned with us answering an inner calling!  It is important not to let Mercury Retrograde get the best of us at this time. Stay confident! Stay focused!

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Blessings to you all.