Tarot Card Of The Day

The Five of Coins


Today, our negative thoughts might be getting the best of us again.  Seeing this card repeat itself so soon indicates we really must ask for help when we need it and offer assistance when we can.  There is a lot of misery in the world and we all must do our best to turn that energy around.  Much of our own nation is in crisis right now, financially, emotionally, and physically.  The Five of Coins can also indicate feeling abandoned or ignored.  A time of simplicity is needed right now.

Keywords of this card include: worry, security, strain, emotional crisis, disorder, difficulties, unemployment, layoff, money troubles, health problems, family crisis.

Today is an important day to remind ourselves of all the good that is in our lives, especially when our focus seems to be on all we lack.  The more we give thanks and focus on abundance, the more we will have.  Today is also a very good day to donate to a charity you admire, even if you can only spare a few dollars.  If everyone gives a little, the energy can shift dramatically.

Since we have seen this card so recently, I drew two additional cards to get some better insight on the situation:



The Five of Swords is here to remind us that we need to take time to recuperate and recharge.  This card is reiterating to us how very important a time for simplicity is right now in our lives.  It is a good time for us to step back from our busy lives and take some time to reflect and relax.  Perhaps we are staying so busy to ignore the subconscious messages that are surfacing right now.  We must make sure to take this time to step back so we don't find ourselves left "out in the cold" emotionally,  physically, and financially.  

If we can take the advice from the Five of Swords, then we will be ready to receive the messages from the Seven of Cups!  It is not until we give ourselves the proper time for relaxation and reflection that the answers from our subconscious will be revealed.  We are being faced with many options, and we might find this overwhelming.  The Seven of Cups tells us that we might need to be making this decision with our gut rather than with facts, which is why connecting to our subconscious is so very important right now.  Gifts of this card are imagination and possibilities.  But, we must be in the right mind frame to accept and utilize these gifts.  So, above all else this week, take time to relax, recuperate, and realign yourself with your truest intentions!

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Blessings to you all.