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Five of Cups: Don't live in the past; learn from it and move on.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Today the Five of Cups tells us that we might be holding on to past disappointments and negative thinking. As we have been advised lately, we must let go of the past if we want to move forward. All the extra baggage we are holding onto from past regrets and “could of, should of, would of” type thinking is serving us no purpose. It’s time to throw away what’s broken and look to a better and brighter future. It is important to learn from the past, but we should not allow ourselves to live in it. We cannot change the past, but we most certainly can change our outlook of the present starting today!

Keywords of this card include: disappointment, sorrow, obsession, remorse, emotional regret.

With Venus turning retrograde in Scorpio on October 5th, be prepared for the energy of the Five of Cups to be prevalent in your life. The more we use the advice from the Empress though, we can shift the negative influence of this planetary alignment and stay focused on our blessings and keep moving forward. We have seen both the Empress and the Five of Cups recently in readings, seeing their reappearance further indicates that we will be seeing these themes in our life during this time.

The Five of Coins made an appearance on Friday, and due to travel I was not able to post my reading. However, after seeing the Five of Coins in the outcome card last Thursday, today’s reading indicates to me that this theme of disappointment and regret are tightly linked to our relationships with money. The imagery of a squirrel hoarding its nuts for the coming of winter comes to mind when I think of this card. Many of us might find ourselves with this mentality recently when it comes to our finances. It’s important to be financially responsible, but it is just as important not to fear that your money is going to run out. Use your energy instead to visualize more money coming into your life. How are you going to achieve this end result? Also visualize how your abundance of money can help others, not just yourself. Generosity begets more generosity, and the Empress appears to remind us how bountiful and abundant the universe truly is. Our energy is limitless and so are our possibilities. If you see a road block in your future, simply look at other avenues to travel. We are on a path to seeing our ship coming in, but if we allow the past to shadow our future, we might accidentally step onto a path that leads us astray.

The more secure we feel in our relationship with money, the more stable our emotional state will be as well. If you find yourself in a financial or emotional crisis, it would be well advised to pay attention to someone in our life who represents a fatherly figure who could come to our aid when we need it most. The King of Cups also represents that we will come out of this situation feeling emotionally balanced and more secure than we were before.

Don’t allow yourself to be a victim of your current situation; and most certainly don’t allow yourself to be a victim of your past. What’s done is done and we have come out of our experience stronger and more knowledgeable. Living through sorrow and disappointment and finding a way to stay positive also puts you in a place where you might find yourself in a position to help others. Just as someone might come to your aid emotionally and financially, you could very well find yourself in a position to help others.

History will repeat itself until the lesson is learned. If we find the past repeating itself, we might be losing sight of a lesson being taught to us. A personalized reading can help you find the clarity you need in order to move on.

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