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Seven of Swords: Manifest positive energy in light of negative influences.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Seven of Swords today brings up feelings of deception and betrayal. We might feel as though we are being taken advantage of by someone else, or simply that our day is not going as planned. It might not be the best day to sign a contract or agree to something impulsively. Although this card has negative connotations, being aware of such energy coming into our lives better prepares us for how we will react. Even if we are thrown off track by something or someone, we have the power to steer ourselves back on course!

Keywords of this card include: partial success, sneakiness, confidence betrayed, trickery, element of chaos, hidden motives, subversion.

It is no surprise to see a card like the Seven of Swords with the astrological alignments occurring in the month of October. With October having a heavy focus on our finances, we are well advised to pay close attention to being taken advantage of financially. As this card can indicate matters pertaining to our financial security, it can also indicate problems occurring with our emotional security as well. The advice we are receiving in this matter is to focus our energy on manifesting positive energy and focusing on abundance in order to avoid soaking in the negative energy from the situations the Seven of Swords indicates. If we are taken advantage of today, we should focus on forgiveness and compassion, not resentment and spite. Not every act of betrayal is done intentionally, and it is not advised to assume so.

Even though this card might indicate someone taking advantage of us, we might also be the one taking advantage of someone else. Although our actions might not be intentional, we are well advised to pay close attention to how we interact with others today. We may inadvertently betray someone’s trust or our find ourselves taking advantage of another’s generosity, either with their resources or time. Instead of harboring negativity in the form of guilt and disappointment, acknowledge the error of your way and shift the energy before you allow it to throw you off your new path. For those of us who deal with self-sabotage could find the Seven of Swords playing a part in our lives in order to have an excuse to devolve into old habits. It’s a great day to carry around or wear malachite for protection against negative influences. I even put a piece of malachite on the card to ward off the negative energy that this card often indicates.

If we can take the advice of the Ten of Coins is to go through your day as if you have everything you want. If someone disarms your positive thinking today, it’s important to snap out of it and brush off the negativity. The Ten of Coins indicates financial security, and in this case, emotional security as well. With yesterday’s Four of Coins in the outcome card, if we use the Ten of Coins as advice, we will succeed in coming out of the situation the Seven of Swords displays with financial and emotional security. Don’t allow malicious thoughts to enter your mind. If they do, brush them away before you focus too much on them. Also, don’t allow thoughts of lack or loss to overtake your mind. Even though we might face challenges and setbacks, we are still on the right track to achieving what we are working toward. Today might not be the easiest to get through, but you can and you will. As long as you believe it, you can achieve it.

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