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Ten of Wands: You are one step closer everyday.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The struggle is real again today with the Ten of Wands reappearance. We have been pushing forward with full force and that can result in feeling overwhelmed or burden by our workload. Such feelings can be resulting in a strain in our relationships as well, especially when it comes to financial matters. As stated yesterday, October is to be a trying month, so it’s no surprise that we are feeling the stress of our responsibilities. Realize that with hard work and dedication, you are one step closer everyday to achieving your goals. Hang in there; you got this.

Keywords of this card include: burden lifted, delegation, strong opposition, possessing competitive talent and strength.

As the Six of Coins indicates in the advice for today, the stresses we are feeling are most likely related to our finances. October brings to light these issues, but, as always, we are in control of how we react to these situations. Taking a leap of faith in pursuing a new venture or relationship might have others reacting in a manner that we interpret as strong opposition to what we are working toward. Letting the influence of other people’s negativity, or our own negativity for that matter, into our thoughts could result in us throwing in the towel and allowing all our hard work to be washed away.

The best way to react to opposition is to continue pushing forward, don’t allow the negative energy to push you down. The more opposition we feel, the more we might focus on the strain of our financial situation. The more we focus on our financial situation, the more stingy we might feel, resulting in the issues brought up in Tuesday’s Four of Coins situation. The more limited we feel in our situation, the more burdened we will feel, and the struggle will be all the more real. You can either let the stresses of today consume you, or you can focus on what you’ve achieved so far as a driving force to keep moving forward. The Six of Coins brings to light good karma with money. It can also indicate the entrance of a benefactor that can helps us in some way with what we are pursuing. When you look at the Six of Coin card, where do you see yourself? Cultivate generosity in your thoughts. The less we share with other, the less others share with us. Generosity begets generosity.

The burdens of our financial situation might have us second-guessing what we are setting out to achieve. However, the Queen of Coins in the result position assures us in our success. We must see money in a positive light if we want to manifest more of it into our lives. The Ten of Wands indicates that the hard work we put into our endeavors will be well worth it. Allow yourself to feel gratified in the extra effort we are putting into ourselves and our futures. Remember, you might not have control of the situation you are in, but you more certainly have control on how you react to every situation you encounter. The more you react in a positive light to the negativity thrown at you, the less you will face negative situations.

If you find yourself being weighed down by the burdens of today, allow yourself time to realign yourself with the right mindset to keep moving forward. This is most important to do right before going to sleep. Falling asleep in the right mindset opens you up to wake up in the same manner. If we fall asleep worrying and stressing over what needs to be done, we are most likely to wake up with those same stresses and worries. Breathe deep and feel confident in your talent and efforts. You are well on your way!

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Generosity begets generosity.