Tarot Card Of The Day

The Wheel: Go with the flow; and learn not to say no.

Monday, October 15, 2018

The Wheel comes to us today asking us to accept that change is an inevitable part of life and should be embraced instead of rejected. The more adaptable we can become, the easier we will find it to ride the wave of change and learn to go with the flow. Once we learn to move with change instead of against it, the more effortless we will find it is to juggle the many demands of everyday life.

Keywords of this card include: movement, destiny, big change, new adventures, karma, fortune, fortune, creativity, turning point, personal vision, new life, cycles, evolution, progression, patterns, fate, self-realization, luck, rotation.

The Wheel is ruled by Jupiter, which is in transit through Scorpio until November 8, 2018. With Jupiter in Scorpio, we might find unnecessary fears arising within us related to the cycles of life, including sexuality, birth, and death. Such fears could cause us to hesitate embracing the inevitable change that is a part of life. Luckily, Jupiter in Scorpio also inspires within us a need to pursue that which we desire with everything we’ve got.

Even though we know the changing of seasons is a part of life, we might still find this hard to accept. Just yesterday, those of us in Minneapolis experienced our first snow fall. Granted, this type of event arrived a bit early, but many of us found ourselves in a state of extreme resistance to accepting this into our lives. Even if the change we are experiencing is uncomfortable, remember, “this too shall pass.” It’s also important to reflect on why we feel such change is uncomfortable. Perhaps we are holding onto some outdated modes of thinking that we need to move past.

With the Eight of Cups as the advice for today, we should use the strength of the Pisces sign to learn to go with the flow. If we ride with the current, instead of against it, we will find this time of transformation much easier. The situation we are leaving behind has become stagnant. See the excitement in starting something new instead of fearing what’s to come. Many of us are resistant to change because there is comfort in knowing the outcome of what we already know. But, if we don’t pursue the unknown, we do not open ourselves up to learning more of what life has to offer.

The more we learn to go with the flow, the more adaptable we will become to balancing all of life’s demands. We begin to feel out of control when we put up our resistance mechanisms and try to halt the inevitable movement of life. In doing so, we shut ourselves off from accepting new opportunities into our lives. If we want such opportunities to enter our lives, we must accept the inevitable change that is apart of such new experiences.

All three cards drawn today have a heavy emphasis on change, and more importantly the need for accepting change into our lives. Say yes to what life has to offer you. Know that you have enough time to accomplish any opportunity being presented to you at this time. Think about how much time is wasted simply thinking about how we don’t have enough time to take on the abundance of opportunities being presented to us. The more we allow ourselves to follow our bliss, the more energized we feel. If we find a task daunting, it will deplete our energy. How are you tackling the demands of life lately? Demands sound demanding, and this can cause us to see it in a negative light. But, think of how good you feel when you can cross something off your list of things to do. Feel that satisfaction during the process instead of waiting for it.

Embrace change and feel your vitality once again. Onward and upward!

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Embrace change.