Tarot Card Of The Day

Eight of Coins: Allow past pain to fuel your inner strength.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Eight of Coins comes to us today with encouragement toward pursuing our new endeavors. It’s important today not to let past disappointments get to our head. If past situations and circumstances have been causing you to reconsider the path you have chosen, brush off those thoughts and allow past disappointments to teach you rather than defeat you.

Keywords of this card include: training, learning, selling something, economy, cunning, practical success, commissioned work, vanity.

It’s important not to rush into our plans without paying attention to the details. Perhaps our past regrets revolve around rushing into things too quickly. Trial and error is how anyone learns to master their craft. Just because your plans haven’t worked out in the past doesn’t mean current endeavors are bound to fail. A failure is only a failure if you fail to learn anything from the situation. Dwelling on past failures makes it more likely for such occurrences to happen again. We manifest what we think. Don’t get caught focusing too much on what went wrong. Focus on what’s going right.

If our plans aren’t going exactly as we had hoped, it’s important not to get down on ourselves or give up. Most people who succeed in their endeavors do so because of hard work and determination. We cannot simply wish and hope for what we want, although that is a great starting point! We must put forth the effort necessary in order to allow success into our lives. Discipline is necessary at this time if we want to continue on the path we have chosen. Letting discouragement or negative thoughts about ourselves is counterproductive. Live in the present moment. Mistakes from the past are in the past. Leave them in the past. Every moment you sit and think about what you could have done, you are wasting time focusing on what you could be doing to improve your current situation.

It might be a good day for some motivational music today. What makes you feel empowered? Whatever it is, turn it on and get to work manifesting success!

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Let past pain fuel your inner strength.