Tarot Card Of The Day

Four of Coins: Reassess your relationship with money.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Four of Coins comes to us today asking us to assess our relationship with material wealth. Are we focusing too much on obtaining things and not in obtaining spiritual satisfaction? The more material wealth we gain might be leaving us feeling unfulfilled as well as emotionally and physically drained. Do you see success simply as achieving financial gain? Mental health is just as important as material wealth. Our path to financial and spiritual freedom might not be where we expect it to be.

Keywords of this card include: material prosperity, financial stability, good investments, a gift, mastery of material wealth, law and order, stability.

As far as astrology is concerned, October is a month when our finances are front and center in our lives. It’s important to work with this energy instead of against it. Our relationship with money might be hindering us from moving forward with our new ventures. If money worries are holding you back from obtaining your dreams, it’s time to let go of any fears of failure and take a leap of faith! Focus your energy on what you love to do and let the wealth come to you. Once you begin to focus all your energy on your bliss, you will find doors opening in front of you. Live in the present moment and allow yourself to open up to the freedom of living a spiritually fulfilled life.

Don’t allow the thoughts of material possessions you obtain to be front and center in your mind. Often when we think of something we want to achieve, we think of the material things we need to achieve our goals. This, in turn, can cause of to focus on our finances more than we need to. Focus on working with what you have first. You might be surprised at how much you can accomplish by detaching yourself from focusing on the financial end game. If we find ourselves struggling, something needs to change.

As I find ways to achieve financially stability while raising my daughter, I have looked into ways to make money from home and that can result going down a rabbit hole of online gimmicks, including “mater classes” that promise to teach you what you need to know in order to be rich. Yet, all that has resulted in for me is an inbox with 300+ emails that I feel I need to read that may or may not have the answers I am looking for. The more I think of getting caught up in reading these emails, the more overwhelmed I feel and the less time I devote to actually working on what I love. Most of the methods I have looked into aren’t even related to what I love, they are simply related to earning money. The more I focus strictly on making money, the farther away I get from what truly makes me happy. I’m lucky to have the daily reminder of my daughter to look at to remind me what really matters. All she needs is a fully belly and the comfort of my arms to feel content. Simplistic bliss such as this is what centers us back to where we need to be in order to regain clarity.

Today’s reading indicates that we are holding onto outdated ideas of money and possibly the fulfillment we think we are supposed to feel when we obtain material possessions. Taking part in the rat race might be wearing us down mentally and physically. Shift your energy when it comes to wealth and money and you might find your perception of such notions to shift as well. The Death card indicates that our perceptions when it comes to money are holding us back, so today might be a good day to reassess how we define success.

Our society seems to be focused on the idea of “every man for himself.” With ideas such as this, we hold onto thinking that there isn’t enough for everyone. With the wealthy hoarding their money, many of us hold onto resentment and negative thinking when it comes to money. Not enough attention is focused on those with wealth who are doing great things and showing and abundance of generosity to those in need. And it’s just as important to know that we can help others in more ways than simply sharing material wealth. Radiating loving and joyous energy throughout your day can change someone else’s outlook on life without spending a dime.

If we can successfully rid ourselves of our outdated preconceived perceptions of wealth in the material world, we will find an increase in energy, allowing us to work even harder and gain the financial success we want. The Knight of Coins suggests our endurance and focus will allow us to follow-through with whatever we take on. By detaching ourselves from negative notions of money and wealth, we will achieve more than we ever imagined we could. It’s time to go “all in” when it comes to following our bliss.

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Believe and you will achieve.