Tarot Card Of The Day

Justice and the Four of Cups: Be here now and look for ways to bring balance into your life.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Apologies for no post yesterday. This Friday, we get two cards to reflect on over the weekend. Yesterday’s card, Justice, asks us to look for ways to bring balance into our lives. Perhaps we are being pulled in too many different directions at this time. We must balance what our head and our heart want while focusing our attention on the here and now. The advice from yesterday is to find ways to fuel our inner flame, which ties into today’s card, the Four of Cups, which asks us to find ways to be re-inspired. It’s time to replace apathy with empathy and feel alive once again!

Keywords of today’s card include: boredom, dissatisfaction, discontent, contemplation, ennui, missed opportunities.

The more we focus on what we don’t have, the more likely we are to miss opportunities being presented to us. As the card depicts, a man is longing for a cup he has yet to attain, while ignoring the three cups that are already in his possession. It is important for us to focus on the here and now in order to allow the future we are aspiring for to come into our lives. Are you spending too much time daydreaming and not enough time taking action? As has been stated over the past week, it’s important to live in the present moment and fill our hearts with joy in order to bring more joy into our lives.

Our apathy at this time might be found in our ego taking the lead in what we are striving for. When our spirit’s desires aren’t being focused on, we will find a lack of interest in our current situation. However, apathy will get us nowhere but stuck. We are also finding too much cynicism in our lives right now. All the negativity out there is drowning our empathy and replacing it with the apathy that is causing a delay in achieving our goals. Most of the negativity we see, including the hateful acts that are being seen in the media come from a place of judgement. We judge those around us and this judgement needs to be replaced with acceptance. That which we do not know we tend to fear. We must instead embrace the contrasts and differences in our lives, because they are means for us to learn more and that’s the whole point of life is to learn by living. The ego judges, the spirit does not. Keep an open heart and embrace the unknown, as it opens the door to experiencing more in life.

If we can learn to not judge others, we open ourselves up to more satisfying and gratifying relationships with those around us. For those of us looking for a significant other in our lives, stop listening only to what the ego wants. If we only listen to our ego’s desires, we won’t find a fulfilling relationship. It’s about finding a balance between our ego and our spirit. Find someone that completes you. Find the yin to your yang.

Feeling a sense of purpose in life is the best way to feel inspired once again. To get to where we want to be is going to take persistence and resilience, but any path work taking requires such energy. If we don’t put forth effort to achieve our goals, we will be stuck in a place of apathy and boredom. Stop focusing on what you do not have, it only brings more lack into life. Be here now, always.

Our dwindling energy comes from focusing our energy on people and activities that do not refuel our inner fire. This weekend, spend less time in front of the tv and on your phone. Get outside and surround yourself in nature, listen to music that inspires you. Feel alive and recharge. Spend less time worrying about what you have to get done and take action. Be the change you wish to see and love others the way you wish to be loved.

Be kind. Be generous. Be focused. Be balanced. Be you!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Judge not. Live with acceptance and compassion.
Find ways to be reinspired.