Tarot Card Of The Week

Eight of Swords: Don't get stuck in a web of negative thoughts.

Monday, November 19 - Sunday, November 25

Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords suggests that we might get caught in a web of negative thoughts this week. We might be feeling trapped, restricted by our circumstances, and feel like we aren’t in control. If such negative thoughts take over your mind this week, remember that you are not a victim and you steer the wheel of your own ship. Spend less time thinking and more time taking action.

Keywords of this card include: feeling stuck, ignorant, blocks, interference, boundaries, bad news, difficulties, fears, attachments.

With Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius until December 6th, we can expect not only expect communication delays, but we can also expect our words to be taken the wrong way and also find ourselves interpreting the messages from others incorrectly. It’s not a time to take things personally. The fiery energy from Sagittarius has many of us speaking before thinking. We can expect a holiday like Thanksgiving to be full of family feuding. It’s important to remember to focus on love and gratitude. Forgiveness is also important at this time. Even if we find ourselves being hurt by others’ words, we might not realize we are doing the same to someone else. It’s really important to think before we speak and be mindful of our communication with others as the energy that surrounds us causes communication breakdowns. When we are conscious of this energy’s influence, we can stay on top of our lives and avoid unnecessary confrontations or mishaps.

Our advice for this week is to focus our energy on staying busy. If we remain idle, we allow negative thoughts to enter our minds under the influence of Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius. Focus your energy on productivity, and focusing our energy on creative productivity will be all the more beneficial. It’s a good idea to stick to a routine this week. If we stay busy, we won’t allow ourselves the time to get stuck in a web of negative thinking.

When looking at the Eight of Swords it’s important to ask how we perceive the imagery. Victim mentality will see the swords as keeping the woman trapped in the web. A proactive mentality will see the swords as a means to escape the trap. If we allow ourselves to be consumed by victimizing energy, we won’t find ourselves going anywhere. We can blame Mercury Retrograde for our inactivity, however, at the end of the day, we are the only ones to be for our delays.

During this week we can also expect our dreams to get very vivid. Unfortunately, not all of our dreams are going to be pleasant, but they all have very important messages for us to pay attention to. Sometimes a dream is so dark or so weird that we can’t shake it from our minds. This week, write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Write down everything you can remember, including colors, locations, etc.. Reflect on your dreams, but do not allow any negative connotations from them to consume your thoughts.

It’s a week for lots of caffeine, healthy eating, and productivity. Exercise is always a great way to get our positive energy moving. Take charge of this week ahead instead of falling victim to the astrological energy that surrounds us. Sagittarius is blessing us with enough fiery energy this week to seize the day, use this energy to your advantage. You steer your own ship. Take control and move full steam ahead!

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Break free from negative thinking.