Tarot Card Of The Week

Ace of Coins: Opportunities are to come from where you already are. Stay focused on the path you have already chosen.

Monday, November 5, 2018 - Sunday, November 11, 2018

November 5th-November 11th

The Ace of Coins comes to us this week with the promise of new and exciting opportunities related to the new ventures we have been pursuing. It’s important this week to focus on what’s in front of you already instead of pursuing new paths to take. By focusing on the tasks we have already dedicated ourselves to, we will find new and prosperous situations entering our lives. From such opportunities, we will open ourselves to the emotional and spiritual satisfaction that comes from the success we are bound to achieve.

Keywords of this card include: privacy, health, legitimacy, physical body, property, new prospects, abundance, fruitfulness, productivity, money matters, new financial enterprise, materialism, bright prospects, perfect contentment, gifts.

The King of Coins in the advice position is asking us to master what we have already taken to find the material success that we are after. It’s easy to get sidetracked by paths that promise quicker results, but quicker does not mean better. If we take the time to master what we have already taken on, we open ourselves up to easier and longer lasting success down the road. IF what we are doing is what gives us purpose, we should not feel dissatisfied or emotionally and physically drained. If it is, then we must reevaluate what we have taken on. Also, keep your eyes open for new people entering your life at this time. Court cards may also indicate actual people who can benefit you at this time. And, with the King of Coins appearance, such new people are related to your material wealth and financial success! Openly embrace such new people into your life and see where these new relationships take you.

The material success is on its way, but by focusing our attention to what we are already pursuing, we will find the emotional and spiritual gratification that will make our success more enjoyable. Don’t get wrapped up in only the material wealth, our souls need to be nourished just as much as our bank accounts. The delayed gratification we are experiencing is part of the process. Take joy in the process and have the faith and reassurance in knowing you are taking a path that will give you complete fulfillment!

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Master your craft and find fulfillment.