Tarot Card Of The Week

The Four of Wands: Welcome Home.

Monday, December 10, 2018 - Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Four of Wands

The Four of Wands indicates our use of the power of positive thinking is beginning to change our perspective in our day to day lives. We are now realizing that the more we put our focus on positive thinking, the brighter our personal situation becomes. Let go of the inner turmoil of conflicting energy. You’ve entered the vibration where your dreams live and feel your connection to the bliss that is always within. It’s time to celebrate the joy and harmony in our lives. Welcome home.

Keywords of this card include: marriage, home, settlement, family bonds, health, happiness, harmony, celebration.

With Venus in Scorpio at this time, we are being pushed full force into pursuing our passions in life. The energy is there for you to achieve success, use this fearlessness to take on all the tasks you’ve been meaning to accomplish. Now is not the time for excuses. However, we must be mindful of this intense, fiery energy and balance this go-getting energy with patience and persistence. With Venus in Scorpio energy, we are attracting others to our light-filled frequency, which is amazing to see after last week’s practice of using compassion in our everyday lives. By keeping our vibration high, we are helping others reach the level of happiness and joy we find ourselves inhabiting.

While it is important to continue pushing forward with our endeavors, we must also take just as much time this week remembering contentment in our lives. We can do this by constantly living in the present moment. Our success might take our minds to future situations, but spend just as much time appreciating everything exactly where it is. The plans we have set are beginning to appear more solidified. Have faith in the direction you are heading and go with the flow as our plans turn into fulfillment. But, with all this action, we will also see some bumps in the road this week. If we focus too much on the planning of our agendas, we might find disappointment.

With Temperance, we can find balance of action with stillness. Such fiery energy as seen with Venus in Scorpio could find us being wound up with too much energy to release. The plan isn’t as important as living in the moment. As we release a need for controlling our plan’s path, we will find that focusing on the here and now will bring forth ideas in our mind that bring us new methods of implementing our agendas. The more we quiet our minds, the easier it is to hear the thoughts that are guiding us to the path of least resistance. If we don’t allow ourselves the ability to do so, we are bound to find more resistance and less accomplishment.

As we spend more time listening to our inner voice as it guides us on our journey through this present chapter in our lives, we will find ourselves more connected to finding the spiritual fulfillment that we deserve along with our material successes. When we are in-tune to our deepest desires, we are also connected to discovering the means to which we can achieve true fulfillment. While we journey within and get in touch with our inner self, it’s important we do not get too attached from where we are as we do so. Again, balance is the key to finding success this week. When we are able to switch from action to stillness, we will find the perfect balance to listen to our inner voice and be present in every given moment. If you find situations that interrupt your plans this week, use them as ways to learn how to calm your inner self and continue on a path of least resistance. If we truly have faith in the success we are manifesting in our lives, we must also have faith that the time we need to achieve such success will always be there for us.

I personally had a situation today which tested my faith in my ability to accomplish what I have set out to achieve this week. While my darling Ruby radiates pureness and joy, she from time to time needs my utmost attention, focusing solely on giving her love, showing my devotion to nurturing her as she grows. Today was one of those days where my faith in patience and persistence was being tested. From the moment she woke up, she could not get into the rhythm of the day, which in turn threw off my rhythm for the day. While I could have thrown my hands up in the air and told myself I wasn’t going to have the time I needed to get the work done that I had set out to finish for the day, I instead assured myself that devoting myself fully to her would not in any way mean I would find a lack of time in accomplishing my goals. As I centered myself and balanced my determination with my willingness to silence my thoughts, I found myself open and receptive to the calm energy needed to connect with my inner guiding thoughts and allow myself to stay focused while staying present in the moment.

The fiery, action-oriented energy we feel within us this week is sure to be within those around us as well. However, not everyone will be utilizing this energy in a balanced manner necessary to stay calm and focused. Don’t be surprised if we find ourselves part of erratic interactions with others, especially as many of us find ourselves taking part in holiday celebrations for the next several weeks. If we find ourselves in such situations, focus on feeling balanced and calm. Do not allow reactionary energy to rule you in the moment. Feel the strength within to remain outside the situation while interacting within the situation.

If we don’t find ourselves able to cope with the energy of this week, we might unfortunately come to the conclusion that we aren’t ready for all that we are manifesting into our lives at this time. Allow yourself the ability to be ready, because you are; you simply have to allow yourself to be so. There is a quote in the Divine Tarot book I use for my readings under the Four of Wands description that states: “Celebrate what you want to see more of.” Practice this notion this week and keep your energy focused in the direction in which you find your bliss.

Be determined. Be focused. Be mindful. Live in the moment, always.

Be the change you wish to see.