Tarot Card Of The Week

Two of Swords: There's always a choice. Shift your perspective.

Monday, December 17, 2018 - Sunday, December 23, 2018

Two of Swords

The Two of Swords this week indicates that we are feeling an intense need for peace and harmony in our lives at this time. The winter holiday season can bring increased chaotic energy with it, feeling pressured by outside demands for making others happy, but we must remember not to lose sight of our internal happiness. How do we expect to make others happy if we fuel the inner turmoil that is felt when we allow our outside environment to control our internal world? The Two of Swords is here to remind us that there is always a choice in how we see our current situation. Shift your perspective and allow pure joy and happiness to fill your world both inside and out.

Keywords of this card include: balanced, steady, truce, empathy, harmony, proportion, compromise, paradox.

So many people are feeling the pressure of the holidays and the only way to shift this energy is to shift it within yourself. Many of us are feeling as though we are being pulled in too many directions and losing sight of what is most important: personal fulfillment. It is not selfish to put yourself first, especially during a season when depressing and suicide is at an all-time high. Often the holidays bring a sense of nostalgia and a need to think back to “better times.” While it is great to be reminded of past joy and fulfillment, we must not lose sight of the face that those feelings aren’t simply in the past. We can and should feel such high vibrational loving and joyous energy everyday!

The feelings we feel of being connected with others, being full of generosity and love are feelings that aren’t meant to be felt all year round. Don’t lose sight of what is important in life. So many of us focus on a sense of lack as we feel the need to make others happy with the “perfect gift.” Giving is meant to come from a place of hope and love. If your energy isn’t aligned with such feelings, feelings of lack and pressure arise, and, in turn, that energy is projected onto the person in which the gift is being given. The greatest gift you can give someone is your loving and generous energy. Having limited resources does not mean you cannot find ways to fill your holidays with comfort and joy.

Shift your perspective. Once your energy is attuned with intentions filled with prosperous love and happiness, we can begin to see the opportunities we are missing to share such energy with the ones we love. Utilizing your creative energy can allow you to come up with unique and fun ways to touch someone’s heart this holiday season without breaking the bank.

Focus on gifts that bring about a wealth of health this year. A wonderful gift I like to give is homemade elderberry syrup. One batch can make a dozen bottles to gift and it’s a gift that promotes health and happiness for those you love. I will be sharing my personal elderberry syrup recipe in next week’s Mindful Musing. But, if you don’t want to wait for it to be posted and would love to try this at home, email me and I will share with you my recipe in advance! Don’t allow the outside pressure of what we see and hear influence your inner sense of peace and balance. Shift your perspective.



The Two of Swords is ruled by the Moon in Libra, which brings with it the energy we feel desiring a need for peace and harmony. The moon phase at this time is also significant in seeing this card this week. I have noticed in my personal life as the moon is Waxing Gibbous. With the moon half illuminated and half in the shadows, we might feel as though we have reach a crossroads and aren’t sure the direction we should take. This is when it is so important not to allow fear and past disappointments influence our decision making. Shift your perspective. Are you going to see the glass half full or half empty? A great visualization to try this week is closing your eyes and watch the half illuminated moon shine light on it’s shadow side until it is fully illuminated. If you find this task difficult to complete and focus on, it’s important to focus your energy on light and love in order to cast away the fear and anxiety within that prevents us from allowing the light to lead.



While it is important to not get stuck in the past, if happy memories to pop up this week, as they often do with the promotion of nostalgia at this time, take hold of the emotions it arises. The blissful and worry-free energy we feel is meant to be felt everyday. Be mindful of incorporating such energy into your life this week so that it can continue for days, weeks, and years to come! Shift your perspective. Taking a few minutes in the morning and at night to attune yourself to energy filled with joy, love, and hope will open you up to more of this energy entering your life on a daily basis.

The work that is needed to be done this week is all from within. This might be especially hard as we are bombarded by outside influences focusing on the demands of others. The choice we must make to live a happy and fulfilled life is one that should be made with faith, openness, and being in touch with our highest intentions for love and prosperity. Although many of us are gravitated to spending more time online as we look for last minute deals and gifts, we might find it difficult to tune out the negative energy influencing our decisions if we allow ourselves to be subliminally influenced by influences of social media and online shopping. We might also find ourselves with the urge to binge watch holiday movies and television that fuel that inner sense of nostalgia. However, be mindful of the time you spend enjoying such entertainment. Don’t get lost in the past. Take hold of the feelings it invokes and incorporate it into your present life. Remember, your current situation is a gift if you allow it to be. If negative thoughts pop up from remember the past, recognize them but do not spend too much time focusing on them. Shift your perspective. I personally find myself incorporating The Nutcracker soundtrack into my daily routine the past couple of weeks, dancing with Ruby as we listen to it, releasing the joy it brings into the present moment.

This week, remember, we can’t give the joy and happiness we intend to give others until we are already filled with that love and joy inside ourselves. When we remember the feelings of joy and happiness from the past, we must remind ourselves that we experienced those feelings because we already had the joy, and belief for such feelings to occur within ourselves before they occurred. They did not occur and then allow ourselves to feel that way, we were receptive and ready for such feelings which allowed the experience into our lives. We can feel that way everyday when we are mindful of bringing this energy into our lives. Shift your perspective and remember, there is always a choice in how we perceive each and every moment. Be mindful. Be full of self-love and self-acceptance. Share love and acceptance with others.

Wishing you all endless days filled with love and prosperity!

Shift your perspective.