Tarot Card Of The Week

Nine of Cups: Use your compassion to influence others.

Monday, December 3, 2018 - Sunday, December 9, 2018


Last week, we had to make a choice on whether or not we are willing to accept abundance into our lives. This week, the Nine of Cups asks us to put our focus on gratitude in order to manifest our dreams into reality. We must spend less time worrying about the direction our lives are heading and more time focusing on the emotional fulfillment we are already receiving in our lives. The best way to reach our goals is to go throughout our days radiating compassionate and loving energy. Be the change you wish to see to live the life you want to live.

Keywords of this card include: loyalty, liberty, success in everything, completion, emotional happiness, joy, material comfort, contentment.

It’s time to focus less on looking outward for the emotional fulfillment we are seeking. Strength advises us to use our compassion and loving energy to influence others at this time. Let go of your need for acceptance from others and find acceptance within yourself. We project onto others what we are feeling inside. If our focus has been on a lack of support, love, or satisfaction in life, we will receive more lack if we do not find such contentment within ourselves first. The Nine of Cups indicates that all our wishes are ready to come true, we must simply allow ourselves to be open and receptive to believing in such a reality. There is no longer room for self-doubt in our lives. We must fully feel our vitality and wash away any fears we have been holding onto from the past or present projections of negativity that enter our lives.

This week, we are advised to take a look at our intentions. As last week asked us to take a look at our relationship with the material world, this week we are being shown that such abundance is ready to enter our lives. Do we still have negative attachments to all that the material world has to offer us? Remember, we are able to have all that we want without harming others in the process. If we can learn to embrace “the good life,” we open ourselves up to radiating that energy onto others. The more you have, the more you have to offer to others. Accepting abundance into our lives will make us more compassionate and caring. Any residual fear of material abundance left within ourselves must be abolished in order to accept the gifts that are waiting right in front of us.

By shifting our energy, releasing any self-doubt and fear left within, we will notice our surrounding shifting as well. Where we are seeing conflict, we will see contentment. Where we see roadblocks, we will see new paths. We don’t need to wait for more material abundance to influence and help others. We can show others there is love and compassion in the world by being loving and compassionate. The more in-tune we are with ourselves, the better prepared we are to handle any negative energy we encounter.

Make a point this week to go to bed and wake up thinking of all the abundance in our lives that we are grateful for. Forget your list of tasks for the day and focus solely on giving thanks. Incorporating this practice into your everyday routine opens you up to living in the moment. Do not think of this practice as a chore. We give thanks because we want to give thanks. We all have something to be thankful for. The more we open up to reflecting on our gratitude, the more we will see we have to be grateful for.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius, we are being gifted with the energy to attract good fortune to ourselves. Jupiter is aligned to help us flourish and grow in the utmost positive way at this time. We are being blessed with this energy until April 2019. Take advantage of this time to practice manifestation. The Nine of Cups is ruled by Jupiter in Pisces. So, during this time, we are being advised to harness tender, giving, and compassionate energy when practicing manifestation. It’s also important not to use the power of manifestation to change others, we can only change ourselves. Be very precise and self-confident when using the law of attraction, another reason why using the practice of giving thanks everyday comes in handy.

This week’s reading also asks us to pay attention to how we maneuver through life. Are we spending too much time trying to control the direction of others in our life and not enough time having faith in the process? If others aren’t aligning with our energy, it is not our place to try and shift their focus and direction to mold into our ideals. It is time to lead by example. We can’t expect others to change if we still hold residual negative energy within ourselves. Think of how a baby looks to their mom, dad, and others around them for their reactions in order to identify how to respond to a particular situation. We never lose this receptiveness of other’s energy as a reaction to the situation we find ourselves in. Knowing others look to you and the energy you emit gives a new sense of purpose in wanting to make sure our energy is aligned with the energy we want to receive from others as well. Compassionate and loving energy begets compassionate and loving energy.

While we take the abundant energy shown in the Nine of Cups, we can also raise such energy by selflessly giving to others. Surprise someone with an unexpected card in the mail that’s filled with heartfelt words. In this digital age, it’s important to stay connected to the grounded to the tangible material world. Giving such tangible, heartfelt gifts opens us up to being in tune to receiving what we desire in the present.

It’s a week for love, thanks, compassion, and appreciation. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Enjoy what you have and watch abundance flow through you and those around you.

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