Tarot Card Of The Day

The Queen of Coins

Queen of Coins

Today is a day to give thanks and enjoy what we have.  The Queen of Coins nurtures the body and takes care of the home and garden.  It's a great day to pamper yourself and get some household chores done.  It's also a great day to focus on beautifying your domestic dwellings.  If you've been thinking of redecorating, now is the time to do it, or at least visualize what you would like done.  The Queen of Coins harnesses the gift of visualization.  So, whatever you want in life, today is a day to use the power of attraction and focus intently on what you truly desire, especially when it comes to health, finances, and the management of resources.  Gifts of this card also include radiant beauty and abundance.  

Keywords of this card include:  deliberate, caring, nurturing, charming, timid, big heart, sensual, kind, truthful, impetuous, orderly, comfortable, productive, honest, self-satisfied, resourceful, practical, hardworking, sensible, and domestic.

The radiant energy from The Sun drawn yesterday continues today with the Queen of Coins.  We are feeling extremely confident at this time and everything seems to be in its right place.  If you have been feeling off track, it is especially important to heed the advice of today's card and spend a good portion of your day focusing on visualizing all that you desire in life.  Watch it play out in your head, and spend time today putting your visualizations into action!  The Queen of Coins is also the Earth's muse.  Just like yesterday, today is an excellent day to go for a walk and take in the beauty of nature.  Make sure to take in some deep breaths and suck in all the radiant energy given to us from nature.  Doing this today will make us ready for the week ahead.  Be confident.  Be generous.  Be grateful.  Be you.

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Blessings to you all.