Tarot Card Of The Day

Page of Swords


The Page of Swords asks us today to speak our truth.  This advice is similar to that which we saw on March 6th.  This Page also reflects an abundance of energy and enthusiasm.   The Page of Swords also asks us to hone our analytical powers and to strive for impeccability.  This means, when we are pushing forward in our careers, we must make sure that we are looking over everything and not rushing into any situation.  The over-enthusiastic energy from yesterday's Knight of Cups could have had some of us rushing into situations before looking at everything from all perspectives.

Keywords of this card include: student, mentally active, forceful, communication, declaring, learning.

The Page of Swords can also indicate messages from afar regarding scientific or legal matters.  If your career involves contracts at all during this time, pay close attention to what you are signing before you sign it.  And with Mercury Retrograde coming on the 22nd, this is especially important. Luckily, this Page gives us the gift of discernment.  It could also quite literally mean someone coming into your life to help you with these situations, so pay close attention to anyone new entering your life at this time, they could be very beneficial to you in the coming weeks.  

If we are starting a new project or career path at this time, the Page of Swords is telling us to go for it!  Always remember that intuition is one of our greatest gifts, and something we all have within us.  All signs lately point to continuing forward with whatever goal it is we are striving to achieve.  Stay focused.  Stay passionate.  Find balance. Believe and you will achieve!

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Blessings to you all.