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King of Swords

King of Swords

I hope everyone is feeling an extra spring in their step today from the Spring Equinox that occurred yesterday! Today we  are being given the gifts of impartiality, precision, and logic as we enter the dreaded Mercury Retrograde.  It seems fitting that the King of Swords appears after all the swords we have been seeing.  This is a good sign that we have been taking the advice of the past week and putting our thoughts into action!  It is important to keep in mind that we are being asked today to make choices based on logic and rationality.  This is especially important in the coming weeks as Mercury Retrograde is notorious for causing disruptions in our lives.  A cool and level head is what's going to get us through this period. 

Keywords of this card include: fair, just, educated, expert, stern, humanistic, knowledgeable, goal-oriented, humanitarian.

We should be feeling pretty confident in our abilities today.  If you feel you aren't receiving the recognition you deserve, give yourself a pat on the back and know that confidence comes from within and you should be proud of all that you are accomplishing.  Always remember that "knowledge is power" and it is a good time to learn more about any avenue you are pursuing.  Mercury Retrograde is an excellent time to concentrate less on action and communication and more on preparation and scholarly pursuits.  Pick up that book you've been meaning to read and expand your mind!  

The King of Swords is a brilliant and inspiring presence.  You might also see someone like this come into your life at this time.  Pay attention to all new encounters you experience in the coming weeks.  Since another sword was drawn today, I picked another follow-up card for some more insight...



The Star appeared, another reassuring sign that we are well on our way to where we want to be!  The Star tells us to wish upon a star and follow our bliss!  Use that confidence today from the King of Wands and the secondary gifts of inspiration and hope from The Star.  The Star also tells us that unexpected help may come if you are true to who you are.  This is just another affirmation that a character such as the King of Swords is entering our lives to help us with our aspirations!  Stay confident.  Stay full of faith.  Be you!!

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Blessings to you all.