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The Empress

The Empress

Are you ready for Mercury Retrograde? The Empress comes to us today asking us to take pleasure in the beauty and bounty of the world!  Focusing on the abundance and beauty is what will get us through such a trying astrological time.  We battled through the swords for a week and now the universe is showing us our determination is bound to pay off!  This card also signifies fertility.  So, don't be surprised if someone close to you has a big announcement soon.  If you and your partner are looking to conceive, now is the time to do it!  This card can also indicate the growing of a new career.  If you have been thinking of starting something new, as the swords also told us this past week, now is the time to do it!  

Keywords of this card include: fertility, pregnancy, Mother Earth, conception, nurturing and caring, the goddess Venus, birth, material abundance, joy, satisfaction, Mother Nature, bounty, feminine, grace, prosperity, love, motherhood, beauty, inner prompting, reproduction, appreciation of beauty, mother principle. 

I drew this card on December 3rd, and found out on the 4th that I was pregnant.  I knew immediately when I saw it what the outcome of the pregnancy test was going to be.  She also showed up in my personal daily reading quite a few times up until that day, but I kept brushing it off in a sense of denial.  If you are a female, it is a very important time to listen to your body.  

This is a good time to find ways to nurture yourself and others.  The winter months can cause many of us to fall off track from a healthy diet and exercise regimen.  A healthy body promotes a healthy mind and vise-versa.  

Another card stuck out when I drew The Empress.  That card was the Five of Coins.  We need to remind ourselves not to focus on the lack in our lives!  The Empress is the soul and spirit of endless abundance and now is a time when we need to be reminded of this.  Mercury Retrograde can be a very frustrated time for many of us, resulting in mechanical breakdowns that can cause us to be spending money we weren't planning on spending.  If this is the case, have faith that there is endless abundance for you to receive.  Do not focus too much on worry because it will only bring along more things to worry about! The Five of Coins also asks us to put our thoughts into action.  If we believe there is endless abundance in the world, then we should be sharing some of ours with others.  It's an excellent day to give some of your time or money to a charity you admire.  Since The Empress is full of such loving and nurturing energy, volunteering would be an excellent idea.

Today would be an excellent day to wear jade, pyrite, citrine, or tiger's eye to promote prosperity and abundance in your life.  Or, simply put a piece in your pocket to attract more of what you want.  It's also a great day to practice some money manifesting visualizations.  I like visualizing myself as a magnet with money flying all around me and sticking to me.  I then visualize myself putting it into my pockets.  You shouldn't be surprised if you see money on the ground today as well if you are being mindful today.  Instead of picking the money up, leave it.  Recognize the sign from the universe as an indication that abundance will always be there.  Thank the universe for the sign and continue on your day.  Just remember, it's extremely important not to focus on lack today.  Have faith. Be loving. Be nurturing. Be generous. Be you!

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Blessings to you all.