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Ten of Coins

Ten of Coins

Today is a day for us to appreciate our roots and resources.  The Ten of Coins represents coming into our inheritance, or security as part of a larger group.  This could relate to family, friends, community, or business.  These are long-term investments that are not liquid such as land, a family business, or a birthright.  The practice of visual manifestation, utilizing the power of attraction, is about to pay off!  The Ten of Cups harnesses the gift of successful manifestation!

Keywords of this card include: riches and wealth, inheritance, completion, legacy, birthright, community, friends and family.

For those of us who already made our choice from the Seven Cups presented to us from Thursday's card, this card indicates that we can put our mind at ease knowing we made the right choice.  The open treasure chest indicates that the resources we have been wishing for are now readily available for us!  If we manage these newly received resources prudently, we will have sufficient funds for our needs for a long time to come.

This card can also be seen as a form of cosmic karma for those of us who have been focusing all of our thoughts and intentions in the most positive of ways, which comes back to our utilization of the law of attraction.  Continue to believe in prosperity and abundance for all to have!  The more of us who think this way, the better off our world will be.

The astrological attribution of this card is Mercury in Virgo.  It just so happen the Full Moon we experienced on Thursday was in Virgo at 11 degrees.  The number 11 is a powerful number signifying that our angels are indicating that we are moving in the right direction.  This also relates to the Seven of Cups we saw that day, and hopefully all of us were confident in our choices that day.  However, the influence of Virgo might have also had us over analyzing our current situation.  Luckily, today's card should wash away any worries that we have been dealing with from the energy of Thursday's Full Moon.

Today we should walk through life knowing we have everything that we need.  Don't focus on that which we are lacking.  Brush away any worrying thoughts today and be confident that the universe will provide for us in abundant ways!  Stay positive!  Stay focused!  Give thanks for all that you have!

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Blessings to you all.