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Page of Swords

Page of Swords

Today we were most likely feeling an abundance of energy, thanks to the Page of Swords.  Many of us found ourselves flooded with ideas about new projects we have been working toward.  The Page of Swords is like a green light telling us to "Go for it!"  This page also indicates that many of us might be challenged lately with our morals or ethics, either at work or in a personal relationship.  It is important for us at this time to speak our truth if we ever feel our integrity is at stake.  

Keywords of this card include: student, mentally active, forceful communication, declaring, learning.

Since the Page of Swords has been seen recently in my daily readings, I decided to draw two more cards for some more insight into where this situation is heading...



The Nine of Swords indicates that the new project or opportunity we are presented will most likely have us second guessing ourselves.  The Nine of Swords indicates that our subconscious fears could get the best of us and keep us up at night worrying about negative outcomes to our situation.  It's important to stay aligned with our beliefs and keep our integrity in tact.  We might accidentally find ourselves in a situation where we sabotage our new project or opportunity with unnecessary worrying.  Keep an analytical mind about your current situation but be careful not to talk yourself out of something simply because we are scared of the outcome.  

The Page of Coins as our outcome card brings messages of luck, money and resources.  This page asks us to learn practical skills that we can use to support ourselves and create beauty, health, and wealth. This card coincides with the Page of Swords indication of a new opportunity or project coming our way.  The message from the Page of Coins tells us that this new opportunity may require us to work our way up from humble beginning, which could indicate the fears we see from the Nine of Swords. 

Starting over or starting from scratch is hard, especially for those of us who have already put in so much time and effort into an idea or project that never came to fruition.  It's important for us to continue to align ourselves with the law of attraction.  Things will be difficult if you believe they will be difficult.  Now is a good time to visualize all you are looking to accomplish before falling asleep and remember to give thanks for all that we have been blessed with in our lives. 

Keep in mind we will achieve what we desire, but it might take longer than we expect. We are in control of how we react to our situation.  If you feel doubt and negativity arising within, snap out of it!  Brush it away and refocus your energy into achieving what you want!  It might take some effort, but the rewards that await us will be worth the time we invest into our new endeavors.

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Blessings to you all.