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Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands

Today we are being advised to take a stand for what we believe in.  The transformation we are experiencing, thanks to the Eight of Cups, might have us sensing some opposition in our lives.  This opposition is especially felt from anything or anyone attached to the stagnant situation which we seek to leave behind.  The Seven of Wands asks us to have courage in the face of difficulty.  

Keywords of this card include: opposition, courage, persistence, advantage, gain, victory, zeal, career success.

The Seven of Wands also indicates that a prior achievement has put us in a competitive position.  Luckily, a gift from this card is integrity.  If you find others around you being deceitful or cutthroat, stay true to yourself and your beliefs.  As the Page of Coins indicated a few days ago, we will achieve success but it might be a slow moving process.  The small changes we are making now will result in immense gratification down the road.  

You might get a feeling of jealousy around you as well, especially from those you are leaving vanquished in the past, or from current or future competitors.  From yesterday's card, we will most likely be sensing this negative energy from the people attached to that which we are deciding to leave behind.  Transformation isn't always easy, but is a necessary part of life when we find ourselves in a stagnant situation that no longer suits us.  Just as a snake sheds its skin, it is time for us to shed the aspects of our lives that are keeping us stuck.  Much of this could be found within ourselves.  The need to shed ourselves of negative thinking, especially fear.  I was listening to David Bowie earlier while holding a piece of Citrine before doing today's reading. "Fill Your Heart" was playing and the lyrics "Fear's just in your head, only in your head
Fear is in your head, only in your head. So forget your head and you'll be free." stuck with me.  Holding Citrine, the bringer of joy and positive energy, I was myself being reminded of how I let fear hold me back. 

The Eight of Cups hinted that much of what we need to shed is outdated thinking within ourselves and much of that could be centered around fear.  We are constantly surrounded by fear.  Assure yourself that you have the confidence you need in order to proceed on your new journey. Remind yourself in all you do that "Harming none and helping all is how it shall be." Stay true to yourself.  Stand up for what you believe.  Success you will achieve!

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Blessings to you all.