Tarot Card Of The Day

The Hermit

The Hermit

The Hermit is here today to remind us that the journey is the goal.  As mentioned yesterday from the Knight of Swords, our outward actions might be coming on a bit strong.  The Hermit is here to advise us to take a step back and work on some inward introspection today.  The Hermit is a sage, an experienced guide and seeker of truth.  He employs the use of solitude to examine the difference between beliefs and conditioning.  The Hermit teaches by example.  When this card appears, you may find yourself longing for meaning and knowledge.

Keywords of this card include: searching, solitude, meditation, being yourself, wisdom offered, introspection, guidance, mystery quest, research and study, productive solitude, sage, seeker.

Keywords to focus on from today's card is productive solitude.  The Hermit gives us the gifts of circumspection, introspection, and contemplation.  We were advised yesterday to think before we act, as the erratic and highly motivated energy from the Knight of Swords might be pushing us forward without looking at the situation as a whole.  We can be just as productive in solitude as we can interacting with others.  One of the warnings from yesterday's reading was that some people around us might now be receptive to the ideas we are presenting them at this time.  We must remind ourselves that we need to balance inward productivity with outward action.  Whether or not we find others receptive to our ideas at this time, we must always continue to work on moving forward and a big key to this is continuous learning.  To be prepared for our next actions, we must devote to learning. There's the saying that "knowledge is power."  Use this term to your advantage today and take time to brush up on a subject you've been meaning to devote time to.

The most important thing to do today is to enjoy the silence.  The answers you seek can be found in quiet contemplation.

Blessings to you all.