Tarot Card Of The Day

Three of Coins

Three of Coins

Today we are being advised to work hard and pay attention to the details.  The Three of Coins comes to us with the gifts of dedication and love for our work.  The man in this card sits alone, paying close attention to his work.  This card is closely related to the Hermit we saw yesterday, and the Hermit just so happened to pop out right next to this card during today's reading.  We are being reminded once again that our actions needed right now should be on a more inward level, and that we must be cautious of our over-bearing energy and desire for quick action as we saw in the Knight of Swords on Monday.

Keywords of this card include: success, completion, paid employment, constructive force, cleverness, business gains, productivity, financial gain, skilled labor, glory, rank.

The Three of Coins tells us that talent, skill, and effort can be combined to create things of worth and beauty.  Success comes with time and application.  So, remember, don't rush into things and give-in to the impulses of the Knight of Swords.  Use the energy of the Hermit in balance with the Knight of Swords to make sure you pay attention to the details.  This card represents right livelihood, so make sure you are working on something that you can look back on with pride!

We should be not only proud of what we are accomplishing lately, but also fulfilled.  Continue on your journey with faith, patience, and love.  Your rewards are all around you and your ship is still coming in!

Blessings to you all!