Tarot Card Of The Day

Two of Wands

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Two of Wands comes to us today telling us that desire and will power need to be channeled at this time.  With the New Moon reigning in new opportunities, relationships and ventures into our lives, we need to remember that in order to seize what we desire, it will take leadership, vision, and decision making.  Now is an excellent time to make plans and set them into motion.  

Keywords of this card include: creative growth, authority, control, success, bold, ambitions, negotiation, planning, preparation, partnership, vision, capable, self-assured, king, boss.

It is no surprise that we find ourselves with new opportunities coming our way as we continue to feel the abundant energy from the Empress yesterday.  The joyous energy felt yesterday should be felt every day! The more we align our energy with our desires, and the more we believe in the power of manifestation, the easier it will be to welcome what we want into our lives.  

We should be feeling as if we are moving forward at this time, and it is important to not regress into outdated habits or relationships that have been holding us back.  The Two of Wands presents us with a choice of whether not we want to move forward. We might notice certain people or situations falling away from our lives.  This is simply part of the process we need to accept as we follow a new path.  The period of transformation we have been experiencing the past couple of months has already shown us this idea in action.  For those who resist and refuse to move forward, old patterns will continue to repeat.  Remember, we are in control of that which we decide.  

Walk through life as though you already have everything you desire.  The opportunities being presented to you now show signs of being immensely prosperous.  Believe in your abilities and follow through with your actions.  Feel joyous.  Feel confident.  Allow abundance to continue to flow through your life!

Blessings to you all!


Two of Wands