Tarot Card Of The Day

Three of Coins: Work hard and pay attention to the details!

Friday, June 29, 2018

The Three of Coins is here today to remind us that hard work does pay off, especially when we pay attention to the details.  It is important that whatever we are working on, whether it be a creative project, a new career, a partnership, or relationship, we are able to look back on it with pride.  Do not just devote yourself to something or someone for instant gratification, devote your time to something or someone that fulfills you spiritually as well.

Keywords of this card include: success, completion, paid employment, constructive force, cleverness, business gains, productivity, financial gain, skilled labor, glory, rank.

The Three of Coins falls in line with the rest of the cards seen recently, further emphasizing our need for patience and hard work.  It seems many of us are struggling with the waiting game when it comes to our success, but now is not the time for frustration.  The Full Moon seen yesterday also signified our need for patience to reap our rewards during this time.  Simply continue to stay focus and driven, your determination will pay off.  Follow whatever path you are taking with confidence and joy.  All signs point to success, but you must be able to allow things to unfold as they are supposed to.  Whatever you are working on should fill your heart with joy, and if it doesn't, you need to ask yourself "why?," before investing too much into what you are trying to achieve.  True success will be found when you "follow your bliss."

With so many planets in retrograde right now, it's the perfect time to pay attention to the details.  Instead of sitting in frustration that things aren't coming to fruition instantly, use this time to go over all your plans carefully.  Once you do, you might find some missing pieces to the puzzle you overlooked while you were focusing so much on the end result.  When we have confidence that success is ours, we free our minds to dedicate to the here and now.  

Be mindful. Stay focused. Success is yours!





Three of Coins