Tarot Card Of The Day

7/11/18: Six of Coins: Financial Stability and Harmony Is Yours To Have

July 12, 2018

Today we are reminded that the power of the universe provides for us in magical ways.  The Six of Coins indicates that we are entering a time of financial harmony and balance.  It is a wonderful time to show our appreciation for what we have by sharing our abundance with others.  If have allowed ourselves to stay focused on manifesting abundance and joy into our lives, we will find much success and financial stability coming into our lives.

The Page of Coins indicates that we are already on our way to pursuing a new creative endeavor that where we will find much success.  As with all the pages, we might find someone younger coming into our lives who helps us in our new ventures.  Pay close attention to those around you who open themselves up to helping you with your success.  We might find ourselves rapidly switching gears in our careers to continue on our path to success.  Have faith and confidence that the path you are taking will lead you to the success you desire.  If we have been practicing manifesting abundance as The Empress urged us the previous day, we should have no doubts in our mind.  Since we have seen two pages in the past two days, we should ask the universe to allow ourselves be receptive to identifying the new people coming into our lives who are to help us on our path to success.  

The Two of Cups also indicates harmony and balance in our relationships, both personally and professionally.  If we find new relationships coming into our lives at this time, we will find them mutually beneficial and rewarding.  As a reminder, it is important to allow these new relationships into our lives and not focus so much on those that no longer suit us anymore.  We cannot allow ourselves to stay stuck in stagnant energy when the universe is offering us amazing opportunities in order to achieve our dreams.  

Now is a time to stay focused and not worry about how it affects those around us.  Those who are meant to continue on our path with us will be there.  Those who aren't will fall away from our everyday lives.  We cannot focus on the loss of that which we have found familiar.  Focus on the joy that following your bliss gives you.  Change is inevitable and something to embrace.  The relationships that you will have moving forward are to be full of loving, harmonious, and creative energy that will continue to push you forward.  You are entering a time of rewarding and fulfilling change.  Manifest abundance! 

Be loving. Be Generous. Be full of belief!