Tarot Card Of The Day

Eight of Wands: You are on the fast-track to achieving your goals!

July 12, 2018

The Eight of Wands comes to us today indicating accelerated change and much activity in our lives.  We should find our energy and momentum increased at this time, so it is important for us to use our time wisely and stay focused on our goals.

Keywords of this card include: forward motion, confidence, boldness, and courage.

Now is not the time for us to lose faith in ourselves or the direction our lives are taking.  We might see many opportunities coming our way recently, and some of us might doubt that things are too good to be true.  Do not allow these types of thoughts to deter you from the path you are taking.  Your hard work is moving you forward, the Eight of Wands indicates that things are simply moving quicker than we had anticipated.  

The Eight of Wands asks us to take action while its energy is present.  We might find ourselves less distracted today, and it is important that we utilize that time to keep moving forward.  The Eight of Wands also indicates travel by air.  Many of us might find ourselves planning trips or taking trips at this time.  It is an excellent time for us to seek out new adventures in our lives.  Whatever the case may be for your particular situation, the advice for today is to keep moving forward!