Tarot Card Of The Day

Queen of Swords: Don't Let Your Emotions Get In Your Way!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Many of us are still experiencing the intense emotional energy from The Moon card seen yesterday.  Perhaps our subconscious fears and illusions got the best of us.  Whatever the case may be, the Queen of Swords is here advising us today to allow our experiences to inform our decisions.

Keywords of this card include: bright, sharp tongued, stern, dominating, cautious, intelligent, analytical, fair, independence, perceptive, compassionate, keen observer, intense individualist, rationality, confidant, just, gracious, quick, accurate. 

If The Moon's emotional energy shed some light on deep rooted issues that have been holding us back, the Queen of Swords is here to give us the strength and determination to face these situations head on.  As I've been stating a lot lately, many of us are struggling with letting go with that which no longer serves us.  If we continue to hold ourselves back by staying stuck in the past, we will not be able to move forward on our new path that is showing itself to us.  The Queen of Swords' energy is giving us the perspective we need to let go and move forward.

If you find yourself still stuck in an emotional rut today, shift your energy to activities that appeal to your intellect. It is also a great day to listen to meditations related to success and ridding oneself of negative energy.  You can even watch a documentary on a subject you have been meaning to learn about, or pick up a book you've been putting off getting to.  

Since the Queen of Swords was seen very recently on June 28, 2018, I drew additional cards to get some further insight on our current situation.

With the Queen of Swords energy, The Chariot follows with the advise for us to seize the day!  Don't get stuck in negative emotions.  Harness your determination and take life by the horns!  Even though we might be feeling in the dark from The Moon's energy yesterday, there is a light shining ahead, we must simply stay focused on what is best for our own personal spiritual journey.  You know what you want and you should not allow anyone to get in your way from achieving what you want in life.  Use the powerful determination from the Queen of Swords to steer The Chariot forward into the light!

The Five of Cups asks us to try and turn our disappointments into stepping stones that take us from the pain of the past into the triumphs of our tomorrows.  This card reminds us not to get stuck in our negative thoughts.  We should harness the confident and determined energy from the Queen of Swords to rise above the negative energy of the past.  Do not allow yourself to stay stuck in the feeling of loss.  Focus on all that you have to receive more and allow yourself to continue to move forward.  Making the choice to cut out old habits or old relationships from our lives can be hard, but the Five of Cups tells us that no good will come from obsessing over our losses and disappointments.  Letting go can be hard, but we cannot focus too much on the past if we wish to move forward.

Going through all this emotional work could result in many of us feeling rather reclusive.  If this is the case, The Hermits introspective energy might find us focusing more on our individual desires than that of those around us.  the Queen of Swords combined with The Hermit gives us the intellectual strength and determination to follow the path on our own, if needed.  The Hermit reminds us that the journey is the goal in life.  All experiences teach us something, we often need to be reminded of this when we face difficulties in life.  If you've fallen off your spiritual path, you are well on your way to realigning yourself with your true beliefs and goals.  We might find ourselves face to face with a wake-up call to the social conditioning we did not realize we were taking part in. 

As I said yesterday, it's a time to "get back to where you once belonged." Use this energy wisely and have faith in yourself and your abilities.

Be determined. Stay focused. Be You!