Tarot Card Of The Day

Judgement: Step into the light of the life you want to live.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Judgement comes to us today asking us to rid ourselves of past doubts and fears in order to embrace the rewards coming our way!  It seems our daily readings have picked up where we last left off.  The Judgement card is ruled by Pluto, which is the planet of transformation, regeneration, and rebirth.  The slow-moving transformation we have been experiencing the past several months, due to Pluto being retrograde in Capricorn, is nearing completion, and many of us are finally seeing the light of what's to come.  This time of transformation hasn't been easy for many, including myself.  The birth of my daughter definitely did not go as expected and was a true test of my strength, will, and determination.  It was also a test of my faith in everything working out for the best.  We are often tested like this during times in our life when we ask for change to come and for the doors of opportunity to be opened.  Trials and tribulations open us up to becoming stronger, wiser, and more determined.  

Judgement asks us to make sure we face our doubts and fears instead of ignoring them and allowing them to slip into our subconscious thoughts.  If we allow these thoughts to rest dormant in the recesses of our mind, it is only a matter of time before they reappear.  Allow yourself time today to devote to silent self-reflection in order to get to assess any aspects of your life that need to be left behind as you enter this next phase of your life.

Keywords of this card include: wake-up call, unlimited possibilities, realization, spiritual awakening, renewal, reward, rebirth, absolution, blessings, guidance, health.

If you have been holding onto grudges against others, now is the time to release such negative thought patterns.  Forgiveness is a major aspect of this card.  And, with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn until September, 29th, we have the time we need to devote to releasing such energy.  We only hurt ourselves when we allow negative people to enter our thoughts.  Let the past stay in the past in order to allow you to move forward.  Devoting time to thoughts of negative individuals and/or situations, only invites such individuals and situations to reenter your life.

Aragonite is an excellent crystal to work with during this time, as it is used to assist those who need to release issues from the past. Hold onto aragonite as you meditate on all the negative baggage you have been holding onto, and visualize these thoughts being transferred into it.  Once you have released and transferred all the negativity you have been holding into the aragonite, wash the crystal and place it in sunlight to dry.  Aragonite is also an excellent crystal to hold onto in order to increase our ability for patience, which is very much needed during this slow-moving time of transformation.  This is a very powerful and beneficial crystal to work with and more can be learned about it's attributes and benefits at:


Many of us have experienced a "wake-up call" recently, asking us to change our lives for the better.  With Pluto retrograde reaching its end soon, it is important that those of us still not listening to the messages being sent to us act upon them now. The only person who can change how you think about your life is yourself.  Being honest with yourself and know that your situation won't change if you don't change yourself.  The same routine will get you the same results.  This also means that those of us who are dealing with issues of self-doubt need to embrace our full potential and accept that we have what we need within us to live the life we want to live.  

Now is the time to step into the light of the life you want to live.