Tarot Card Of The Day

Strength: You are in control of your destiny.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Strength comes to us today to remind us of the power that lies within us.  This card is also a reminder of the self-discipline and courage that is needed to push through into the great unknown if we are to enter a new chapter in our lives.  You are the creator of your own reality.  It is time to harness your energy from within and take control of your destiny.

Keywords of this card include: power, discipline, stamina, energy, fortitude, courage, lust, wisdom, healing, animals, nature, gentleness, vitality, self-empowerment, control over animal instincts, integrity, passion, powerful influence, soft control, self-knowledge, trust.

Strength indicates to us that we will be successful and triumphant in our current situation.  If there are still lingering doubts or fears within you, it is important today to utilize your inner strength to face your demons head on.  It is still a very good idea to work with aragonite to rid yourself of such negative thinking.  Judgment has indicated to us that we are awakened to our true calling; and yesterday, the Two of Wands guided us to choose our new path to fulfill our destiny.  With Strength in hand, have faith in knowing that nothing can stop you if you truly believe in yourself and your abilities.  You can take on anything that is presented to you.  However, it is most important at this time not to expect the worst in any situation.  Just because you have the strength to take on anything, do not go out of your way to seek out danger.  Allow yourself to feel at ease on your new journey, whatever it might be.

Strength is ruled by Leo.  And, with Mercury in Leo at this time, we should be feeling our strength and vitality immensely at this time.  We might find ourselves commanding the attention of others.  Use this energy wisely if you are attempting to persuade others into seeing your point of view.  If you find yourself lacking the inner-confidence and vitality that this card gifts us with, it is important to put aside time today to focus on building up such energy within through meditation.  Imagine yourself filling up with the fiery energy of strength.  Breathe it in as if you are a hot air balloon taking flight.  See the flame that burns from withing grow brighter and stronger with every breath you take in.  You are in control of your destiny.

Be bold. Be confident. Be in control. Be you.