Tarot Card Of The Day

The Fool's Return: Find strength in new relationships

Monday, September 10, 2018

The Fool returns to us asking us to pay attention to our relationships during this time. We are on our new path and this new path might lead us to new relationships. Such relationships can be intimate or on a professional level. Keep your eyes open for new people entering your life. These new relationships will help us evolve by showing us new perspectives on life, love, and success. Unfortunately, this card also indicates some of us might find ourselves at the end of a relationship, either personal or professional, and much Strength is needed for us to accept and move on. If we do find ourselves in situation, focus more on the fact that the doors are opening for new people to enter your life who are going to benefit you more than you could ever have dreamed of.

With the Lovers card being seen in the advice of our new journey, we might also find ourselves being forced to choose between vice and virtue. As I have mentioned before, many of us are struggling to let go of outdated thinking, relationships, and habits in order to move into our next phase of life. Perhaps you are still struggling with this and need to find Strength to move forward. If so, continue to focus on letting go of any negative mindset you might be holding onto. A great way to do this is to continue to meditate with aragonite, or listen to meditative music and mantras that promote positive thinking.

A new person or group of people might also be entering your life giving you the Strength to move forward on your new path. Being surrounded by others who are aligned with your focus on determination and success is the best way to keep moving forward. Most likely those new relationships that enter your life will present contrasts to your own personality. It is important for us to embrace those that have difference of opinion to ours. Those who allow us to see that which we have not seen before open us up to experiencing more in life.

In my own personal experience, I have recently found Strength on my new journey of motherhood through the new relationship with my daughter. She is also teaching me the need for self-discipline. With little to no time throughout my day to devote on my own personal pursuits, I now find myself taking advantage of every second I can to focusing on my business and creative endeavors. Before, with so much more free time, I would catch myself getting sucked into endless distractions that were not keeping me on the path I intend to follow.

As much as we should embrace these new relationships in our life, it is important that we always remember our personal strength lies within ourselves. Our strength might even be tested by someone new entering our lives. Give your time and energy to others without depleting your own personal power. If our strength inside is strong and we have tamed our Shadow side, we have the ability to let go of the need for control and have faith that this new ride we are about to take will be a fun and prosperous one.

The Fool would not be shown to us again in such a short period of time if we did not need to be reminded of the crossroads we find ourselves at. In the end, it is your choice as to whether or not you find it worth your time to act on the new opportunities being presented to you.

Continuing our journey with habits that hinder us tend to blind us to the opportunities that would present themselves to us if we stepped outside of our comfort zone. Take the initiative and seek new adventures and find new people to surround yourself with on this new journey. Or, reconnect with those from your past that raised your vibrational level to one that fueled your passion instead of depleting your energy. Pay attention to how others make you feel. Is there someone in your life you spend time with that makes you feel drained of energy after you interact with them? Now might be the time to focus less of your energy on such a relationship. On the other hand, if a new relationship has entered your life that keeps you full of motivation and positive energy, give thanks and gratitude for having such people enter your life. You are meant to be happy and you should surround yourself with people who make you feel this way.

The Fool