Tarot Card Of The Day

Two of Swords: A decision needs to be made. Use impartiality as your weapon of choice.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Two of Swords comes to us today letting us know that an important decision will need to be made in the near future. Hopefully we are using the advice from yesterday’s reading by mastering our emotions, because the decision we need to make will need impartiality in order to choose what’s best for all parties involved. The Two of Swords also indicates that you might need to come to the aid of others at this time. No choice is going to be easy, so it is important to take time to mentally prepare for what’s to come.

Keywords of this card include: balanced, steady, truce, empathy, harmony, proportion, compromise, paradox.

As indicated in previous readings, this inevitable decision could be related to letting go of something or someone. If we have not yet shed ourselves from the outdated relationships and situations holding us back, we might find ourselves in a situation that forces us to finally make a decision. We could end up compromising and allowing old patterns to repeat for longer than is needed. It is important to dedicate any free time we have to prepare for our inevitable ultimatum. The decision needed to be made could also pertain to legal matters. So it is especially important that we find an outcome that is best for everyone.

Don’t allow distractions at this time. Put down the phone or remote and put on some music for meditating. Our subconscious has messages for us to receive if we allow them to see the light of day. The more we allow for rest and contemplation, the more likely these messages will be received. If we do not devote enough time to preparing for what’s to come, we will definitely lose the balance we have achieved as indicated by the Two of Coins yesterday. You ultimately decide where you exert your energy, so choose wisely. Don’t allow yourself the opportunity to look back in regret. You have all the power within to achieve the outcome you desire. It’s also important to pay attention to your dreams, as it is common for our subconscious to communicate with us through the dream realm.

Although this decision is going to be hard, once it has been made, we are going to find a renewed burst of enthusiasm in our lives. It will feel as though a great weight has been lifted off our shoulders and we will feel more empowered than ever. But, as mentioned before, we must not let our emotions get the best of us. If we make the wrong decision, we could find ourselves dramatically thrown off our new path in life. Use this knowledge to begin looking at your situation from all perspectives. Think with your head and your heart, but don’t let your emotions cloud your rational thinking. Remain confident in yourself and do what’s best for you, believing that no matter what decision is made, it will eventually be what’s best for all parties involved. Always believe: harming none and helping all is how it shall be. Using the advice from today will result in us feeling all the more empowered and ready to take on all that life throws at us.

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