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Ten of Coins: Congratulations, you made it!

Theme for 2019

December 31, 2018 - January 6, 2019


A lot has been said about how difficult and trying 2018 was for most of us. And many of us, like myself, are ready to leave the past behind for a better and brighter future. Well, get ready because the Ten of Coins promises successful manifestation in 2019! Things seem to be coming full circle, which is fitting with the upcoming Year of the Pig completing the Chinese zodiac’s 12-year cycle. Today’s reading is not only about this week, but advice for the year ahead in general. The best way for us to enjoy our success and to continue on a prosperous journey is to be mindful of our thoughts and actions each and every day.

Keywords of this card include: riches and wealth, inheritance, completion, legacy, birthright, community, friends and family.

While 2018 might have felt like a roller coaster ride, 2019 promises to be a year centered around more stable energy offering us the ability to relax, both mentally and physically. It’s time to shed the tumultuous energy from 2018. Many of us might have even found a peak of such tumultuous energy yesterday as we awaited the arrival of 2019. Perhaps it was necessary for this energy to snowball up until the last hours for us to fully be ready to accept change into our lives and embrace all that is to come in the new year.

Even though the upcoming Year of the Pig offers us a period of personal fulfillment, Judgement advises us to make sure we balance pleasure with responsibility so we continue moving forward and not allow our energy to become complacent or stagnant. It’s also important not to allow our emotions to make all our decisions this year. With the upcoming year’s emphasis on family and friends, we should not allow such influences to affect our decision making this year. Hopefully the past year has allowed us to strengthen our instincts because we will be relying heavily on them in 2019 if we are to remain impartial with our choices in 2019. It’s important to be generous and kind, but it’s just as important not to allow others to take advantage of us.

If we can balance our enjoyment of the good life with a drive to succeed, we will find continued productivity in the coming year. The Knight of Coins indicates a productive outcome of the year, advising us to continue with a daily routine to ensure we don’t allow comfort and indulgences to get the best of us. While we will find much happiness in the abundance we manifest, it is easy to fall in a trap of over indulgence with the influence of the Pig’s energy in 2019. More on the energy from the Year of the Pig will be discussed in a couple weeks in my Mindful Musings section.

I pulled an extra card this week, which indicates a shift back to focusing on earth’s energy and abundance. It’s no surprise to me to see the Empress as this year’s outcome card, as the Chinese Year of the Pig is the Earth Pig. We should expect to find our collective energy shifting back to focusing on appreciating, and more importantly, respecting mother nature and all her glory. We can all do our part in shifting this energy back to where it belongs by being more mindful of our decisions when it comes to how they effect our planet. An example would be to remember to bring reusable bags to the grocery store and be less wasteful with the food we purchase.

This week, we should begin to practice more mindfulness in our lives to ready ourselves for the Year of the Pig. If you already include mindfulness in your daily routine, focus your energy on connecting yourself back to your roots and to the roots of mother nature. A great visualization is to see yourself barefoot in the grass and your feet sprouting roots that sprout into the soil. Connecting ourselves with Mother Nature will allow us to act with more empathy and compassion this year, which is much needed after all the negative influences we found in 2018. If you aren’t practicing mindfulness quite yet in your daily routine, this week is a great time to start learning more on how to incorporate it into your life. There is a wealth of free material you can find online about mindfulness, including free e-books on Amazon.

May your days be filled with abundance and joy in 2019 and beyond.

Happy New Year, everyone!