Tarot Card Of The Week

Queen of Swords: Confidence is needed to make tough decisions.

Monday, January 15, 2019 - Sunday, January 20, 2018

Queen of Swords

As last week’s reading indicated, sudden and life-changing events are likely to occur in the very near future.  The Queen of Swords indicates this week that we might also be facing some tough decisions due to the destructive energy coming our way.  This week, we are being asked to fuel ourselves with personal power in order to take on the uncomfortable situations that might present themselves to us.  It’s time to lead with our head instead of our heart.  Now is the time to stand up for what is right and just, and let go of anyone or anything standing in our way.

Keywords of this card include: bright, sharp tongued, stern, dominating, cautious, intelligent, analytical, fair, independent, perceptive, compassionate, keen observer, intense individualist, rationality, confidant, just, gracious, quick, accurate.

While I am getting a strong indication that the events we are to expect to see are to be on a global scale, some examples of events we might experience on a personal level are as follows. For those of us who might find the sudden event in our lives consisting of a marriage proposal, we might find close friends and family not being as happy for us as we would expect. We might even find ourselves in a situation where we might choose one person over another. For those of us focusing on career related issues, we might find our confidence betrayed by someone we considered a confidant. Ideas might get stolen or opportunities seized by someone before us.  

Last week, we saw the Hermit in the Outcome position, which we can see in either a positive or negative light.  A time of solitude is heading our way, albeit most likely brief.  However, it appears with the Ten of Swords appearing in the Outcome position this week, the solitude we might find ourselves in will most likely not be of our choosing.  The Ten of Swords indicates a feeling of betrayal by someone close to us, this can be on either a personal or professional level.  It’s important to not allow ourselves to feel victimized for too long though, the longer we dwell in self-pity, the further away we are from attaining what we want in life.

This week’s reading coincides with a rare astrological event taking place January 17th- January 21st, when all planets will be direct.  While the decisions being made during this time of sudden change might seem like we are leaving something behind and venturing on our own, the astrological event taking place this week indicates that we will be given the clarity needed to move in the right direction, as it indicates the beginning of new and prosperous adventures. It also indicates the end of something “bad” which either started a the beginning of December or January.  Whatever it is that we are about to leave behind has been depleting us of our energy for far too long.  While the release might sting at first, we should start to feel our energy raising us to higher heights than we ever imagined soon after. All the intense emotions we are feeling will reach their plateau on January 20th as we experience the Super Wolf Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.  It will be hard not to feel the effects of this event as the moon shines a light on the areas of our life that we finally need to see and experience fulling illuminated.

The best way for us to steer through the intense energy of January is to have faith that things are still moving in the right direction.  Not all change is emotionally easy to handle, but if we can keep in mind that the change we experience is for the best, it will make it easier to make the tough decisions that are needed to be made.  It’s also especially important to keep a clear focus on our deepest intentions and to keep our vibrational levels high.  The Year of the Pig promises to be a year full of great joy and comfort, however, we aren’t quite there yet.  January indicates a month filled with ridding ourselves of all the outdated aspects of our lives, and this includes not only material possessions, but relationships as well.  The Queen of Swords is granting us the power to think clearly and logically at this time, while allowing us to feel our inner strength at a time when we need it most.  If there are aspects in your life you have been meaning to change or things you have been saying you are going to do, now is the time.  We can’t put things off any longer.  If we don’t decide to make the tough choices and changes now, we will soon be pushed to do so, and most likely not in a manner that we will enjoy. 

The most we can do is keep our intentions pure and full of compassionate love as we move into a new chapter in our lives.  Always believe in harming none and helping all as you move forward.  Feel the confidence that comes from regaining your personal power.  We might not always be in control of the situations that are presented to us, but we are ALWAYS in control of how we react to them. Be the change you wish to see and lead your life with confidence.  Let go of fear.  Embrace your inner light. It’s time to shine!

Let go of the struggle.