Tarot Card Of The Week

Seven of Cups: Believe it and you will see it.

Monday, January 21, 2019 - Sunday, January 27, 2019


The Seven of Cups comes to us this week indicating that we have many opportunities in front of us, but might not be sure which direction we should take. With all the powerful energy surrounding us after the incredible full moon we experienced, our Egos might be taking the lead, and leading us in a direction that might not align with our intentions. The best way for us to make the best decision is to reconnect with our compassion and intuition. Our higher self always knows the path of least resistance to achieve what we want in life. This week, it’s time to reconnect with our intuition and take the lead in our own lives.

Keywords of this card include: fantasies, romantic illusions, rose-colored glasses, too many choices, confusion.

When we close our eyes and visualize what we want, we might not be clearly seeing the whole picture. This is when we must remind ourselves that the journey is just as important as the destination. Often times we get so caught up in where we want to be that we miss out on taking part in the here and now. Think about what you are asking for: are you desires strictly ego based, or do they serve a higher purpose? It’s also important to think about the energy you put out when you use the law of attraction. Are you asking for what you want with a sense of despair, or do you ask for what you want with confidence and joy? How you feel is just as important as what you ask for when releasing your intentions into the universe.

This week, the Queen of Cups is advising us to reconnect with our higher self in order to get where we want to be while taking the path of least resistance. Our rewards are ready to be reaped, the only keeping us from achieving what we want is our way of thinking. It’s easy to want everything now, it seems so much easier. But, if you were given everything that you wanted all at once, it would be overwhelming, pulling you in too many different directions and the satisfaction that you desire would inevitably not be felt the way you want it when you visualize achieving everything.

Think about what you have been asking for recently. Perhaps we have too many choices in front of us because we are putting too much conflicting energy out there in order to obtain what we want. By calming our mind and reconnecting with our intuition, we will find all the answers we need to move forward. If we try to follow every opportunity, we will find ourselves being pulled in different directions, which is counter-productive. Accomplish one task in order to move onto the next. When our inner self guides our impulses, we will find ourselves flowing through life instead of constantly stopping and turning in different directions. I know how easy it is to feel like your energy is constantly being pulled in different directions. Before we enter the Year of the Pig on February 5th, we should make sure we have our momentum in full swing. Pigs are known to be lazy, and that lazy energy can easily talk us into simply taking a break from it all, and that would not be a wise decision.

The best way to achieve our success and reap our rewards is to feel the satisfaction that the woman in the Seven of Coins card depicts here and now. The satisfaction we are hoping to achieve will come to us when we feel satisfied experiencing the journey that will lead us to our goal. If we do not feel joy in the process, we will find more resistance getting where we want to be. By connecting with our intuition, we can lead ourselves on a pathway filled with joy. If we listen to the impulses of our higher self instead of our ego, we will find the tasks which we found overwhelming to be much easier and much more enjoyable. Not only will your tasks be more enjoyable, you will also find yourself tapping into the messages from your inner self guiding you in directions that are more enjoyable and fulfilling.

If we believe our path is going to be long and hard, we won’t find much extended enjoyment on our journey. It’s hard for our Ego to let go and let our intuition take the lead. If we believe we can achieve success, then we must surely believe that we can lead ourselves to the success we want. The more we practice listening to our inner voice, the more we will find just how much our Ego causes resistance in our lives. Focus on achieving success, but don’t imagine it filling a void in your life. Fill the void in your life first to achieve success.

It’s important that the Seven of Cups reminds us how many opportunities are around us. Those opportunities are always there, it’s simply a matter of whether or not we are listening and focused in the direction they are offering to take us. Lead your life filled with compassion and acceptance without needing or wanting it in return. When we focus on too many different paths, we might find ourselves dreaming more than taking action as well. The best way to get to where we want is by moving. Unfortunately, the Seven of Cups can indicate asking for things that we are not willing to put in the effort to get. And, if we aren’t willing to put in the effort, we have to ask ourselves why we are asking for it in the first place.

If you feel you’ve lost your inner voice, or feel you never found it to begin with, this week is the time to focus your energy on connecting to the energy that is connected to everything you want. Take a moment to look at the Seven of Cups card. Which image grabs your attention first? Write it down and then think about why you are attracted to that imagery’s energy. After spending time reconnecting with your inner self, look back at this card at the end of the week and see where your impulse takes you first. Don’t be surprised if you find your focus on a different image.

Be compassionate. Be true to yourself. Be the flow.

Success is waiting on you.