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Four of Cups: Live Life or Let Life Happen To You. The Choice Is Yours.

Monday, January 7, 2019 - Sunday, January 13, 2019

Four of Cups

The Four of Cups indicates we might find ourselves standing still, thinking more than doing. Feeling apathetic or unmotivated lately? Well, prepare yourself because change is coming into our lives like a lightning bolt. Are we ready to fuel ourselves with the fiery energy that change brings with it or are we going to get burned by the flames? As always, the choice is yours: live life or let life happen to you.

Keywords of this card include: boredom, dissatisfaction, discontent, contemplation, ennui, missed opportunities.

Many of us have probably found ourselves talking a big talk lately about our future plans.  This is no surprise with the new year just beginning.  We are all talking about our resolutions and goals, if not with others, it has definitely been in the forefront of our thoughts.  Now it’s time to see if we are ready to walk the walk. If we’ve been saying one thing and doing another, all we bring about is conflicting energy which, in turn, creates conflict in our waking life. An opportunity or other situation might enter our lives this week that pushes us to make a major decision.  If we allow ourselves to be fueled by negative thoughts, we might find this situation not so pleasant to embrace.  However, if we can focus our energy in a positive and purposeful manner, we will see these abrupt changes in our circumstances as beneficial and life changing.

The feelings that we are feeling this week will most likely be a common occurrence during the upcoming Year of the Pig. As we find ourselves enjoying the comforts of life, we might accidentally slip into complacency if we aren’t careful. This week is an excellent time to focus on our life’s purpose, while making a point to avoid any self-righteous, ego driven reasoning for doing so. If we have found ourselves bored or complacent, we must own up to the fact that we only have ourselves to blame for any dissatisfaction. The sooner we can accept that we all are the writers of our own story, the sooner we can find faith in the law of attraction, and hopefully, the sooner we can manifest positive circumstances with positive outcomes.

Seeing The Tower in the advice position indicates to me that quick action is needed at this time. A quick change in our ways of thinking are also needed at this time if we have allowed negative thoughts to take over. All that we have been focusing on lately is creating a snowball effect which will soon manifest itself into situations right in front of our faces. The Tower is ruled by Mars.  With Mars in Aries until February 14th, we are being gifted with powerful, fiery energy, allowing us to take life by the horns and steer ourselves onto a path of success. While fire fueled energy can be destructive, if we use are time wisely and channel our energy to focusing on our goals, we can utilize this energy to catapult us forward.  If we choose to remain apathetic and unmotivated, we might unfortunately channel the negative side of this energy into our lives and find ourselves at a loss in one way or another.  We will find ourselves channeling our inner power as we delve deep into discovering all we can on our current path.  Or, we will find ourselves left in the dust, alone, as those who surround us walk ahead, leaving us in the dark. 

With The Hermit as the outcome this week, no matter what path we choose, we might find we end the week in solitude. If we decide to use the energy from The Tower wisely, we will find ourselves immersed into our current mission in life, gaining knowledge and giving our full and undivided attention to the matter at hand. If we decide to focus on negative thoughts, we might find this solitude an uninvited outcome from subconsciously pushing others away to reaffirm our negative thinking. Be mindful and ready for abrupt situations entering our lives this week, as to not speak without thinking and say or do something that might hurt someone we love.

It’s a good idea this week to be action oriented in a manner that serves your truest and deepest desires that nourish your soul. Align yourself with positive thinking and take ownership of any apathy you might be feeling due to lack of motivation. Sitting and complaining is so much easier than changing our current situation. But complaining only brings about more negative thinking, which results in more negative situations. Altering parts of our life we find comfortable, which in actuality are stagnant, can feel like the wrong choice. However, if that is the case, remind yourself that those thoughts come from a place of fear and fear is what keeps us from moving forward. The only reason not to take action is a disbelief that things are going to work out. And how do we expect to get anywhere if we don’t believe our situation can change for the better? Although we are being advised to take action this week, it might be best for us to keep our own counsel while we work. Although it is unfortunate, a great idea can easily be taken by someone else. If we have not taken the steps to implement our ideas into reality, we might find someone beat us to it and reap the rewards we wanted for ourselves. By not taking action, we open the opportunities for others to seize success, and we have no one but ourselves to blame for standing still while others move forward.

Give your undivided attention to that which you want to manifest more of this week. Turn off the Netflix, stay off of social media, and get to work. While many of us, including myself, might rely heavily on social media in our careers, try and spend the least amount of time you need on it this week. Turn off your notifications for the week and put down your phone whenever you can. Distractions might prevent us from seeing signs that present themselves to us in order for us to steer the lightning bolt of change in our lives. Stay focused on the present moment and work on positive, constructive movement this week. We are preparing ourselves for a prosperous new year, but our thoughts must be aligned with this such energy. Be conscious. Be mindful. Be full of light and love.

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