Tarot Card Of The Week

The Wheel: Are you ready for everything you've asked for?


We are seeing The Wheel return for the second week in a row! The last time we saw The Wheel, we were advised to be mindful of keeping up with the pace of change and not allow the negative aspects of the Pig year to make us complacent. This week, The Wheel is here to let us know that our wishes are coming true. However, are we ready to receive all that we have been asking for?

Keywords of this card include: movement, destiny, big change, new adventures, karma, fortune, creativity, turning point, personal power, new life, cycles, evolution, progression, patterns, fate, self-realization, luck, rotation.

The Wheel blesses us with good luck, fortune, and good timing. If we are to receive all that we have been asking for, we better be ready to ride the wave of change that comes with these new experiences and relationships. Perhaps past disappointments have made us complacent and jaded, but if we are to reap our rewards, it’s time to get to work and not allow negative thoughts get the best of us. In order to take advantage of good timing, we must take action!

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