Tarot Card Of The Week

Two of Swords: With Change Comes Major Decisions.

Monday, February 25, 2019 - Sunday, March 3, 2019


The Two of Swords indicates that a difficult decision is on the horizon and impartiality is needed at this time. We weigh the pros and cons of all the choices presented to us in order to decide what is best for our current situation. If we have been putting others in front of what is best for ourselves, it’s time to put ourselves first. For those of us struggling to let go of something or someone, the time has come to ask whether or not we are willing to compromise our dreams to appease others.

Keywords of this card include: balanced, steady, truce, empathy, harmony, proportion, compromise, paradox.

The Two of Swords is ruled by the Moon in Libra. We might be wearing our heart on our sleeve at this time, which can open us up to vulnerability. We must have confidence that the decision we make is for the best in order to allow the right decision to be made. Emotional vulnerability might cause us to make a decision based on compromise when we deserve more. Want to learn more about this week’s reading? Sign up for our mailing list to get a detailed reading sent to your inbox every week!